David Crockett High School


Principal's Office


Kori Crawford - Crockett Principal

Kori Crawford, Principal 

ph. 512-414-7806

email: kori.crawford@austinisd.org


Every great journey begins with a single step. I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA and moved to Austin in the middle of my high school career. Eighteen years ago, after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, my journey in education began when I applied for a position in the Austin Independent School District. Gonzalo Garza High School took a chance on me and hired me as teaching assistant, and I was forever changed. It was there that I learned education was my calling. While at Garza High School, I went on to become a math and special education teacher and department chair. Once I received my masters in Educational Administration at Texas State University, I worked as the School Improvement Facilitator at Crockett High School and later as the 9th grade assistant principal. After four years at Crockett, I had the opportunity to work as the Academic Director of Travis High School where I was the instructional leader on campus. Each step in my educational career has now brought me back to Crockett High School where I have the remarkable and exciting opportunity to serve as the newest principal.

When I am not at work, I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends. I also enjoy going for hikes with my dog, going to yoga classes, and reading great books.

Being back at Crockett High School is a tremendous honor. I am ready to work together to build the best school we possibly can. Let's enjoy the journey, enjoy the success. And together, we will be Always Victorious!


Assistant Principal's Office


Trisha Uhler - 12th Grade Assistant PrincipalTrisha Uhler
, Assistant Principal - 12th Grade

ph. 512-414-0461

email: trisha.uhler@austinisd.org



Rudy Cisneros - Assistant Principal 11th GradeRudy Cisneros
, Assistant Principal - 11th Grade

ph. 512-414-7803

email: rudy.cisneros@austinisd.org



Tiffany Farris - Assistant Principal 10th GradeTiffany Farris, Assistant Principal - 10th Grade

ph. 512-414-8012

email: tiffany.farris@austinisd.org



Tai Choice - Academy Director 9th GradeTai Choice
, Academy Director - 9th Grade

ph. 512-414-7898

email: tai.choice@austinisd.org



Robyn Turner - Assistant Principal SPEDRobyn Turner, Assistant Principal - Fine Arts/SPED

ph. 512-414-7802

email: robyn.turner@austinisd.org

 Greetings, Coogs!

As your Fine Arts Administrator, I am an advocate for all of the fine arts courses on campus, helping teachers and students in Theatre, Theatre Tech, Orchestra, Choir, Band, Piano, Guitar, Visual Arts, and Dance classes. I am committed to supporting the fine arts programs at Crockett in every way possible. In addition, I am onboard to imagine and dream with you about all of your ideas regarding the arts. Together we have planned and produced Winter Festivals, UIL competition performances, half-time shows, community events, and other programs. These are parts of my job that help me look forward to going to work each day.  I especially have enjoyed working with teachers of the core courses to add fun and excitement to their lessons through the Creative Learning Initiative. You may have noticed that, for example, a math lesson was taught through music or a social studies lesson incorporated theatre activities.

You may also see me working closely with special needs students in my role as administrator of the CHS Special Education Department. This part of my job, that of helping students and families with individual education programs, results in a personal sense of satisfaction. I am grateful that we have collaborated for five years with the Very Special Arts of Texas program. Our Life Skills students are enjoying that experience each week.

Feel free to stop in during the day or catch me in the hallways!

Robyn Turner, Ph.D.


Counselor's Office


Janice Snyder - Guidance Secretary & Parent ConnectJanice Snyder, Guidance Secretary and Parent Connect

ph. 512-414-7884

email: janice.snyder@austinisd.org



Ann McClain - 12th Grade CounselorAnn McClain
, Counselor - 12th Grade

ph. 512-414-7808

email: ann.mcclain@austinisd.org



Chris Garcia - 11th Grade CounselorChris Garcia, Counselor - 11th Grade

ph. 512-414-7886

email: christopher.garcia@austinisd.org



Michael Quintana - 10th Grade CounselorMichael Quintana, Counselor - 10th Grade

ph. 512-414-7602

email: michael.quintana@austinisd.org



Amy Rogers - 9th Grade CounselorAmy Rogers, Counselor - 9th Grade

ph. 512-414-7813

email: amy.o.rogers@austinisd.org



Kathy Golden - Counselor for Special ProgramsKathy Golden, Counselor - Special Programs

ph. 512-414-7813

email: kathy.golden@austinisd.org



Support Staff

  • Team Leader, Mark Dawson - 512-414-7812
  • Attendance Clerk, Carmen Ledesma - 512-414-7807
  • Bookkeeper, Lilly Trevino - 512-841-1702
  • Data Processor, Nancy Garcia - 512-414-7873
  • PEIMS Coordinator, Rosa Robinson - 512-414-7846
  • Registrar, Kathy Alvarado-Romero - 512-414-7811
  • Parent Support Specialist, Ron Reed - 512-414-7851
  • Communities in School, Mandy Stalcup - 512-841-1646
  • Special Education Coordinator, Corinne Roffe - 512-414-7860

Instructional Support

  • Graduation Coach, Michael Hidalgo - 512-414-7879
  • Librarian, Claudia Gibson - 512-414-7844
  • College and Career Center, Michelle Kailey Snyder - 512-414-0460
  • Entrepreneurship Coordinator, Desiree Morales - 512-414-0465

Safety and Security Personnel

  • Nurse, Julie Carr - 512-414-7888
  • Campus Police/School Resource Officers, Randy Castillo and Anthony Solomon - 512-841-7606