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The Texan (Yearbook)

The "Texan" is the formal name of the yearly staff who creates the Crockett High School yearbook. These dedicated students, spend the entire yearCrockett Journalism and Yearbook putting together an entire book reflecting on the year. Throughout the year, staff will take thousands of pictures, travel to school functions, and work tirelessly to put together a final product. It is their responsibility to design a layout that will reflect the tremendous pride we, here at Crockett, have about this program. Our school has a long tradition of higher standards with everything we do, and the "Texan," reflects these expectations in droves.

The Courier

Crockett's award winning Newspaper. The dedicated staff produce 6 newspapers each school year covering everything happening at the school. The Courier staff are proud of serving the Crockett student body with high quality news. This includes information about events, opinions, and coverage of the entire school community. Very little gets past our hard-working reporters, and we hold a high standard of integrity with the content we produce.





Joshua Twilligear - Journalism InstructorChristina Sauceda, instructor

ph. 512-414-7826

email: christina.sauceda@austinisd.org