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Construction Technology at Crockett High

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Construction Technology at Crockett High School is a three year program designed to help students prepare for either entering higher education in pursuit of a degree in the construction field or to prepare for job readiness in the construction field.

Students have the opportunity to get a head start in their construction life. Up to twenty-three hours of college credit at Austin Community College can be earned in the three years of construction classes at Crockett High School. They can also earn certification in the CORE CURRICULUM and CARPENTRY FUNDAMENTALS provided by the National Center for Construction Education and Research which is a nationally recognized organization. These certifications serve as notification to potential colleges and employers that the individual has previous experience and training in the construction industry. Another point of recognition for the student is the ability to earn both the OSHA 10 and the OSHA 30 cards.  
The three years of Construction Technology Classes at Crockett High School can translate to a huge advantage to any student that applies themselves in the program. The twenty-three hours of college credit is one-third of an Associate Degree and two-thirds of a Construction Certificate at Austin Community College. The certification through NCCER gives information to a potential employer that the individual has knowledge and experience in the industry. And, having OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 cards could make a difference in landing the job.
Construction Technology Building at Crockett
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